The Health Care Human Resources Strategy Online Platform

This online platform provides a framework for bilingual human resources in health care. It contains tools and downloadable resources as well as video testimonials available in French and English. Its content is adapted to the specific issues of bilingual staff working in a minority context.

This initiative was developed by the​ Réseau franco-santé du Sud de l’Ontario.

The Savoir-santé en français Web Platform

Savoir-santé en français is a web platform that brings together the latest tools, studies, and information on health care in French in Canada. Born out of a need for information sharing within the Mouvement Santé en français, this portal is fed by the 16 French-language healthcare networks in the country and by the Société Santé en français.


This initiative was developed by the Société Santé en français

The Framework for Implementing French Language Health Care Services

The Mouvement de la santé en français is currently developing a Framework for Implementing French Language Health Services. This tool will attempt to concretely answer the needs and questions of managers who wish to offer regular health services in French. Keep your eyes peeled…

Tools for Health Care Professionals

There are a few mobile apps designed to interpret medical terms from English to French. Some training programs also cater to Francophile health care professionals. For more information on how to equip your human resources to provide services in French look at our Health Care Professionals’ Page!

Standards on access to Health and Social Services in the Official Languages

Since 2017, the Health Standards Organization (HSO), in collaboration with Société Santé en français, has been developing standards on access to health and social services in Canada’s official languages. The objective: to improve access to health and social services for English-speaking communities in Quebec, and for French-language communities outside Quebec, along with the continuum of care.


The standards aims to:


• advice health and social services organizations on how to ensure quality and safety in their unique organizational and linguistic context

• identify quality health and social services organizations that deliver services to official language communities in their territories

• provide external evaluation bodies with measurable requirements to be included in evaluation programs


Consult the Standard here:

’Cette initiative a été rendue possible grâce au financement de Santé Canada dans le cadre de la Feuille de route pour les langues officielles 2013-2018 : éducation, immigration et communautés, par le biais de la Société santé en français. Les vues exprimées ne reflètent pas nécessairement celles de Santé Canada.

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